A Pig’s Life

When I came across this story, it brought a big smile on my face. Usually, the pig stories I read about are very sad. Most pigs are part of our ungrateful food system and often have a horrible life (if “life” is what you want to call their short and tragic time they spent here on earth). This is not the case for these pigs though! I was so happy to see a different side for a change – pigs that are able to live a real pig’s life! Ok, maybe the environment is a bit untypical, but they seem to really enjoy their home.

Jim Abernethy with his camera model

Photographer and ocean guide, Jim Abernethy, 52, from Florida, was the first to discover this unusual sight of a pig family living at the shore of a Bahama island. Probably left by sailors, they are living THE life ever since. Whenever a boat is coming, these pigs charge into the water and swim up to a few hundret feets to check out if tourists or locals brought some food. When they are not eating or swiming, they are dozing off in the shadow of the trees…. now I ask you, who wouldn’t want a life like that? ;-)

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