Good News For Fritzi… And The Whole Family!

Hello dear friends!

It’m sorry for the silence on my blog and Facebook page over the last few weeks. I went to visit my hometown over the holidays and whenever I’m in Hamburg, I’m so busy with meeting family and friends that my lap top stays closed for most of the time.

Now I’m back in Switzerland and look forward to start blogging again.

And today I want to start with a “Happy News!” blogpost. Some of you might have seen the news on Facebook already – we have a new family member! Fritzi now has a sister, named Jule. : )

Hello Jule!

Hello Jule!

For months (or maybe years?) I’ve tried to get my mom to adopt a second dog. If it would be up to me I would live on a dog farm and be called the crazy dog lady. But of course I have to be realistic. Here in the apartment in Switzerland my boyfriend and I are actually not allowed to keep a dog. Luckily the landlord agreed that we could have Fritzi over for visits sometimes. So when Fritzi is not visiting us in Switzerland, he is home with my mom in Hamburg, who lives in a house with garden and loves dogs as much as I do. I always thought it would be great if she adopts a second one.

Fritzi and his new sister

Fritzi and his new sister

And just when I was about to give up, my mom said that she is considering to adopt another dog. You have no idea how happy that made me. I then started to look for dogs that I thought would make a great match with Fritzi. It almost took no time to find the one, that had both my mom and me have that little click moment. Love at first sight.

Who could resist this cute face?

Who could resist this cute face?

I was still in Switzerland when my mom picked up Jule in Hamburg. And even though my mother was prepared to have some stressful days ahead while getting used to the new situation, we both didn’t expect the little drama that would unfold.

The first thing that got us worried was that Fritzi seemed to not like to have a new dog in the house. He kept to himself and didn’t appear as cheerful as usual. This made us worried because it was of course the last thing we wanted. But then, from one day to another, things changed to the other extrem. All the sudden, Jule was in heat even though the pre-owner told us that she was neutered! And this was no good news because Fritzi is not neutered and was all the sudden super interested in Jule. He followed her every step! So while we were relieved that Fritzi didn’t appear sad anymore, we had to get the situation under control before Fritzi would find his way to get Jule pregnant. At first my mom thought it would be best to neuter Fritzi, but the doctor told her that Fritzi would still be able to get Jule pregnant for about three weeks after the castration. So it was Jule who had to be neutered, even though it’s not advised to do this while a dog is in heat. But there was no other option, since my mom would have had a breakdown if she would have had to separate the dogs for three weeks. Her stress level was already as high as it can get.



To make a long story short, I went to Hamburg earlier than planned to help out and after some very stressful days, we are all in heaven now. Both of the dogs (and my mom) are doing great and having two dogs greeting you at the door is as good as it can get. : ) Jule recovered very quickly from the surgery and her and Fritzi get a long so well now, even playing together all the time even though Fritzi usually doesn’t play much with other dogs.

Fritzi and Jule playing (Video)

And what can I say, having two dogs is just how I imagined it, maybe even more wonderful than I thought. It now feels like the “pack” is complete and I feel so happy for the two dogs that they have each other too. Just too bad that I cannot always be surrounded by them, only when I’m in Hamburg.

Fritzi and Jule make a good team

Don’t they make a make a good team?

As to Jule… she is such an adorable little pooch. While Fritzi is more of a adventurer, playing with his toys, sporty and always curious when in nature, Jule is just more like a girl. Very gentle, almost fragile and she loooves to be cuddled (preferably while laying in bed!). But they both have in common their passion for food. They even switch bowls after finishing their food and lick the other one’s bowl clean. So cute!


We are guessing that Jule never really got to discover much in her previous life. Whenever you take her out, she would immediately do her business, which means that she probably never really went for long walks. Also, she is very scared of other dogs and barks at them, so we have to slowly socialize her with other dogs  of the neighborhood. But it’s amazing to see her bloom. She is enjoying long walks in nature, getting more and more adventurous. I thinks it’s easier for her to be comfortable outside, having Fritzi next to her side. She is watching him and I think he gives her a bit more strength. He really is like a big brother to her I guess.

Jule playing with her favorite ball

Jule playing with her favorite ball

I was very sad to leave Fritzi and Jule and already miss having them around. But hopefully they will come visit soon! And luckily there is Skype on which I can see the cutie pies from far away!




To me it is one of the most wonderful things to be surrounded by animals. No matter what the day brings, when I look in their eyes, everything is good.




  • Melanie

    08.01.2014 at 20:37 Reply

    Awwww, I love the pictures! Jule’s ears are the best! It is like they have their own personality, LOL ;)

    • Greenderella

      09.01.2014 at 06:48 Reply

      Hahaha, you’re right! Those ears are something!

  • Bruni

    08.01.2014 at 21:01 Reply

    I looooove the pics of the cuties. Thanks for posting, I loved to hear how the two of them get along. Luckily everything turned out fine in the end. :-)

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    12.01.2014 at 00:13 Reply

    Awww… Jule is so cute! I’m glad everything worked out now! I hope the transitional stage will be as stress-free for you, your mom, and the dogs as possible!

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