Little Garden Update

For some weeks it looked like spring is allready arriving. A lot of flowers were allready peaking out of the ground and temperatures were rising.

Nevertheless, it snowed yesterday and everything is covered again. In this time of the year it can be hard for the garden animals to find enough food, so we often feed them with seeds and nuts. We have two feeding houses for birds and the other day I was so suprised to see a little mouse in one of them! It was hiding so I could just see its little pointed nose, trying to sniff the situation. I wish I could have taken a picture, it was sooo sweet!

Yesterday I was lucky though to take a few (a bit fuzzy) pictures of a pretty bird, while he was eating some seeds. I have some great shots of birds on/in the house from last years spring as well, which I will post in a little while here too. So keep checking back.

I hope I will be able to take more pictures of animals and the blooming garden soon, once spring really arrives. Until then, this is the only update on our garden. Have a great day everybody!



  • Ellen

    18.02.2011 at 16:11 Reply

    Love your birdhouses! I could sit and watch birds for hours. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I’m your newest Twitter follower. ~ Ellen

    • Franzi

      18.02.2011 at 16:17 Reply

      Hey Ellen, thank you for stopping by! I love watching birds too. I hope to take more pictures during spring, when the sun is shining again ;-) I just added you on Twitter too!

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