Organic Farm

The entrance of the organic farm shop

One of my favorite places to shop is an organic farm, not far from where we live. As you might know, it can be quite pricy to shop organic, so I usually go there every other week and buy the kinds of food, that I think are important to get from a place that I trust, like eggs, dairy products, honey some some fresh vegetables. The animals here actually look like they are enjoying their life and I love the fact that you can roam over the whole farm and visit the animals. It is part of the farms philosophy. They even have their own country garden with wild flowers, from which the bees collect their nectar. Photos are to come by the next summer bloom! For now, I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the winter season. Not many animals were outside today, since it has been very cold, but I managed to find a few anyways.

Entrance to the animals garden

Bunnies and guinea pigs snacking on some vegetables

The cold makes the geese move close together

A donkey looking out of his hut

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