Your Dog Will Love This! All Natural Tip Against Fleas And Ticks



Summer – the perfect time for our dear animal companions to play outside. My dog Fritzi loves to roll around  and jump through the high grass fields and unfortunatelly brings back home a lot of unwelcome friends – mainly ticks and sometimes fleas. For a long time now, we’ve been using “Frontline“, a vet recommended flee and tick protection. But as it happens so often, you don’t realize how bad something is until you inform yourself. And when I did, I found out, that a lot of those vet recommended tick and flea treatments are in fact dangerous for dogs. The active ingredients in Frontline might supposedly produce cancer, organ damage, nervous system damage, reproductive damage and skin problems. It was clear for me that I wanted to find an alternative to this chemical cocktail. Nevertheless, not protecting my dog against flees and ticks was not an option either, since it is known that they can pass on diseases which might lead to death in some cases.

On my research I came across different natural insect repellents like garlic, cedar oil, eucalyptus, and neem oil. I read in different forums about them but not everybody shared the same opinions. One thing that became clear was, that garlic is a no-go for dogs, because they function like poisen for the animal, if eaten in large doses.

Essential oils were discussed very controversial too. Some say they help perfectly and their animals didn’t mind them either, others find them to be too agressive and that their animals felt bothered by the smell or even showed allergic reactions to them. I never tried essential oils on my dog, but I can imagine that their strong smells would also bother him a lot. After all, his favorite “Au de Toilette” is the smell of mud pits and bird droppings! So, strong essential oils weren’t a good option either.

After a couple of hours of research in the world wide web, I finally found something that would be so helpful and awesome that I need to write a post about it: All you need, to scare the ticks and fleas away, is coconut oil! I was more than suprised that this insect repellent still seems to be a secret among dog guardians. After all, maybe not that suprising, because the pharma industry is earning millions with their medication and wouldn’t like the fact that there might be a much cheaper and natural insect repellent. In fact, coconut oil is not only cheap and natural, it also has a neutral scent and is healthy for the dog and its fur. I didn’t read about any negative experiences and the only disadvantages seem to be that your dogs fur might look a bit wet wherever you apply the oil and that you have to apply the oil every day, but with all the advantages, I really don’t mind this.

Coconut oil on the fur

Coconut oil on the fur

This is how it works:

The tick and flea repellend component of coconut oil is “lauric acid”, so it is important to use a pure and unprocessed product. Regular coconut oil/fat from the supermarket works just fine, but the greener option would of course be an organic coconut oil/fat. I rub about half a teaspoon (or even less) of coconut fat in my hand palms until it becomes liquid (takes seconds) and then apply it on my dogs higher and lower back, on the lower legs and the stomache. In the beginning I applied the fat before every walk, but now I found that it’s enough if I do it 1-2 times a day. Fritzi hasn’t had any ticks or fleas since I use the coconut fat and that ‘s an even better result than the results we had with Frontline! Oh, how I love to find out about secrets like this one! : )


It would be interessting to know what kind of experiences you made with insect repellents. Have you tried any natural repellents before?

UPDATE: I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback of people who successfully tried coconut oil on their dogs and even cats. Here is a helpful tip from one of the readers: “I also boiled 1/2c of coconut oil with 1c water in a sauce pan then put it in a spray bottle and spritz it on the bed and we’ve had no more bites. I thought your readers might like to know that trick too!”

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  1. Ashley

    Hey Girl!

    I didn’t know that you could use coconut fat to ward off fleas and ticks. That’s awesome. I will have to remember that if my boyfriend and I ever get a dog. Thanks for the tip!

    BTW, thanks for adding me to your blog roll! :) I really need to update my blog. lol. You’re so good at updating yours all the time. :) Hopefully I’ll have something new in the next couple of days.

    1. Post author

      Hey there! : ) It really is an awesome trick. Fritzi didn’t have any ticks or flees since weeks now. I’m so happy.
      I look forward to a new blogpost of yours, they are always so interessting! Of course it needs to be on my blogroll! :-) Many greetings!

    1. Kate

      As far as I know, Tea Tree oil is not poisonous to dogs, but it IS poisonous to CATS. It is however a very powerful substance. For dogs and humans you never want to ingest it! Don’t put it in your mouth! Also, if you’re going to use it on your skin or on your dog’s skin, it should be in a solution of no more than 1% ie: 1 part Tea Tree oil to 100 parts water or oil or whatever you’re using it in. That guideline is pretty much true for any essential oil you use, but especially true for Tea Tree since it is so strong and can hurt your skin if you apply it directly and undiluted.

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  4. el

    hi, I will give it a try. Wonder if the remedie will work for cats as well….
    So I will apply coconut oil to both my dogs and cats, see if this will keep parasites away.

  5. Kara

    We recently started using coconut oil for our flea problem because the vet prescribed flea “treatment” didn’t seem to work AT ALL! And because our dog is indoor/outdoor he was bringing the fleas inside and infecting our indoor cat who sleeps on my daughters bed and I noticed flea bites! So I needed to find something better.

    I hopped online and found all kinds of safe natural methods to use for fleas and found coconut oil as one and I knew it was the one I wanted to try. So I bought some and it’s been wonderful.

    We rub it on our dog and cat once a day (cat was hesitant at first to let us but loves it now) and I also boiled 1/2c of coconut oil with 1c water in a sauce pan then put it in a spray bottle and spritz it on the bed and we’ve had no more bites. I thought your readers might like to know that trick too!

    1. Post author

      Hey Kara, thank you for your great feedback. Since I found out about coconut oil I try to tell as many people as possible because it works great and is so simple and healthy for the animals. I hope more people will try it. Your trick with the spray bottle is great as well! I will add a note about it at the end of the post! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. Shianne

    Hey thanks for the help! although i couldn’t get any coconut oil i found out that avacado oil is similiar which i had cuz i use in my hair sometimes for straightening. i used that on bruno (my chihuahua) and the flees started dying instantly and it didn’t bother his skin at all!

      1. Dolly

        I just wanted to let you know that although controversial, the ASPCA insists that avocado and all of its parts are poisonous to dogs. I have known pet owners that feed their dogs avocado and are fine, but it’s nice to know.

  7. Michelle

    It seems to be the tick season where I am and even with neem oil I found ticks on my dog. I tried coconut oil yesterday afternoon after her bath and still found a tick that night. I’m so frustrated! I don’t want to go to frontline or something if possible. :(

    1. Post author

      Hi Michelle, what a bummer that the coconut oil is not working on your dog! Did you rub it all over her or just some spots? Maybe you could try it with another coconut oil. It’s important that it is 100% pure. Other than that I cannot imagine why it didn’t work, but I keep my fingers crossed that you find a solution other than Frontline. I know how frustrating it can be…. Greetings and good luck!

      1. melanie

        Can I use the idea of boiling coconut oil and water into a spray and spray my animals everyday instead of rubbing it on? my late dog, seger, had lymphoma and was losing his hair and his skin was very vulnerable to everything so I greased him up in coconut oil everyday! He and my cat went nuts for the stuff!!!

        1. Post author

          Hi Melanie, I never tried the thing with the spray bottle but it sounds like a great idea. One of the blog visitors tried and recommended it. Let me know how it works for you :-)

        2. C Alexander

          If your pet is sick, feed them homemade food, fresh cooked meats, with brown rice or cooked potato, broccoli, squash or other veggies except corn, no onion, no garlic. My dog was sick and I pulled her off dog food and switched to the motto: If you can’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog!” She was dieing until I switched her diet.

          I am going to try the coconut oil to rid of ticks. Hope it works! Thanks.

          1. Post author

            That’s great! Glad to hear that your dog is better after switching the diet. Many people don’t realize how important the right diet is for the dogs health. Let me know how the coconut oil works for you!

  8. Wayne

    Not only will it help if you rub it on, put some on their food and it will soon do wonders for all kinds of problems. Most love the taste, and only side effect may be loose stools if you use too much, if it happens just cut back a little and build up. I use this personally and can tell you that the health benefits have been amazing. The lauric acid {also found in human mother’s milk} will build up immune system, give you. or your pet, more energy , help with weight loss and far too many other things to mention here. Eventually You will not need to rub it on, as it will become the oil that their skin excretes. I am writing a book on nutrition and my recommended diet for humans and for pets will center around coconut oil. This stuff is a true super-food and is being used with great success to treat all kinds of immune system problems as well as inflammatory problems.
    Hope this helps

  9. Alicia

    I agree with Wayne, I have been giving my 3 dogs Organic unrefined extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil..(54 ounce jar in Sam’s club costs less than 16.00) I was giving it orally and I spray it on their food. I used it for the health benefits and realized after about 2 – 3 weeks my dogs skin and hair improved and not a single flea on the dog, I don’t rub it on the dogs fur no need. The easiest way to give it to your dog is a small glass spray bottle fill it with only coconut oil ..Spray in their mouths ..or spray on the food or add to their water . I also reap the benefits myself and take an ounce a day orally ..Coconut oil works and is non toxic for humans and animals…try it and give it some time to do it’s magic ..your pet will be happy and so will your pocket….

  10. Amanda

    I cook my dogs food and have always included coconut oil in it but I never really measure anything out… Wayne maybe you can help… what would be a good amount daily in food to keep away fleas and ticks? The benefitss of it by the way have been fabulous… he has had such skin issues in the past… and they are now actually a thing of the past!!

    1. Wayne

      Hello: I am no expert but I would feed according to size, very small dogs{Chihuahua} maybe 1 tsp, medium size maybe 1 tbs larger dogs like labs and larger 1 to 2 tbs. I find most dogs love it and will lick it from your hand or if placed on food they will go for it first. The first few days might cause some loose stools but that passes in a few days as it cleans some of the toxins and parasites from there system,When preparing your dog’s food please remember that dogs, like people, need enzymes for all the functions in their body to work properly, especially digestion since that is where they get the nutrients from the food, so they need some raw foods in order to get these. Once a food is heated above 118 degrees it no longer has any viable enzymes. I sometimes puree some spinach,broccoli,carrots,apples,beets and avocado and add to dry food,{ these are actually left overs from my smoothies and have my probiotics in it, which I believe are helpful} they love it and always come running when they hear the blender come on. Hope this helps.

      1. Post author

        Thank you for all of the great advice Wayne! I love the idea of blending fruit and veggie left overs of smoothies with coconut oil as a treat for dogs. I recently started to make green smoothies as well and I will definitely try that! Also, let us know the name of your book, once it’s out. It sounds very interesting!!

    2. Jen

      I read this on a dogs love coconut site lol. “Dosing is easy: give one teaspoon per ten pounds of body weight, or one tablespoon per thirty pounds. Work up to the suggested dosing amount gradually, as the detoxification process can trigger flu-like symptoms in dogs that start off on the full dose right away.”

  11. Gary Fleischmann

    Been reading about coconut oil for pets and although I’ve been feeding my Wheaten a bit with most meals, now it’s time to attempt using it for fleas. Started with a douse of diatomaceous earth and following up with the oil. Can’t say it is the easiest stuff to get through the fur of a Wheaten Terrier… anyone have pointers on application into dense, soft fur?

  12. tara

    This makes perfect sense!! I use Coconut oil on my own skin nightly and rub the excess on my 2 Chihuahua babies. Then add a bit more to them. I thought it was strange that they NEVER had a flea. Our neighbors home has high grass due to a foreclosure & it always worried me. It really is the oil!! My friends are always wondering how neither of my fur babies have pesky fleas without ever using flea spot treatments & their dogs do occasionally get a few. Thanks for the validation!!

  13. Adina

    Just found this and tried it immediately since I always have coconut oil on hand. In the past I’ve used eucalyptus since it actually kills fleas, but it’s not as easy to come by. Happy to report that as soon as I rubbed the oil on my chihuahua puppy Bruno, the fleas leapt off him onto the towel – which I immediately put in the wash on high heat. He also was VERY happy to lick the spoon I used to scoop the oil out

    1. Post author

      Hello Ivy, I don’t know if the ticks will let go, once they have attached themselves to the dog, but you can definitely give it a try. Otherwise just take them out the usual way and apply coconut oil for prevention. I hope it works out! : )

  14. Tracie

    I was not aware of the benefits of coconut oil on dogs, but recently my shih-tzus skin has been red and irritated due to fleas and I’ve tried everything possible from flea oils, spray shampoo and nothing was working. I just applied it to their coats and I’ll see what happens, hopefully we all can get a goodnite’s sleep.

  15. Leigh Anne

    I fostered a dog several months ago that had a skin condition. I rubbed him down with coconut oil and it was amazing how quickly he started to look better. I’m now trying it for fleas. The dogs and cats come running when they see the jar. Fingers crossed it works.

    1. Post author

      Wow, that’s great. It’s amazing for how many things coconut oil is good for. I’d love to hear if it also works for fleas on your dogs and cats. Also keeping my fingers crossed! : )

  16. Shanon

    I have been at my wits end with these fleas!! My whole town is stray cat city so they are just everywhere and I can’t battle them enough! I found your post… ran to Fresh Market… got some coconut oil… and applied! My dog LOVED it and the fleas HATED it!! They were jumping RIGHT OFF!! :) And they were all slooowww so I could get them!

    I am so happy!! <3

    1. Shanon

      BTW… we have been trying lemongrass to kill the fleas… it’s been working! So now in conjunction… the coconut oil gets the fleas off and as soon as they jump off I spray em with the lemongrass… done and done. :)

  17. Brandi

    I have used the coconut oil on my dogs and cats and it works great. I found out about this when my daughter came home with Lice. It is great for that too. I use the coconut oils like a shampoo. All it to your own everyday shampoo wash once and then rewash with shampoo with no oil and your hair will feel great.

    1. Gary

      I would like to hear how people get the oil into their dog’s fur and onto their skin. It is normally a solid below 76 degrees. When melted and mixed with another shampoo, will coconut oil stay immersed as a liquid? And what suggestions would people have for getting it past the coat of a Wheaten terrier (dense fine fur). I have used it before to successfully sooth my dog’s itchy skin but then his coat requires washing more frequently since it tends to attract dirt faster and the result is… well, more itchy skin from too much washing.

  18. Christian Taylor

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I am living in Vietnam and I just moved house near to the river. There are ticks everywhere.
    My dog was getting 20 a day at least!!!!!

    I bought the preventive dog collar from the vet who said nothing about any dangers. There were no warnings on the box either!!!
    I could tell something was wrong with my dog as she looked unhappy and ill.
    I started looking online about the collars and saw how incredibly dangerous they are to both dogs and humans.

    I tried the coconut oil yesterday and not a single tick!!!!!

    Thank you very much from Marple and Me.

  19. Paula

    I also use diatomaceous earth (powdered seashells) It comes in bags at home improvement stores and at feed stores.

    You can get a “duster” and dust the entire groud with the powder (non-toxic) to animals and birds. After a rain etc, the powder settles into the ground where-by the shell type fragmets penetrate the the larvae/eggs of the flea and it is no more.

  20. Mindy

    I am all about holistic for animals and people and try to minimize the toxins we put in our body’s and this has been so wonderful information. I do have one question. Since the coconut oil turns to solid at certain temperatures. Is there a way to keep it a liquid in the spray bottle? To Wayne would say once a day is sufficient enough internally?
    I believe if your dog has healthy immune system that is very important as well. If y’all ever get a chance check out my website

  21. Melody

    Great article. I am currently treating my dog for fleas with coconut oil and it really does work. I love using it over toxic chemicals, not to mention the many other ways you can use coconut oil on your dog! I was so fascinated with it that I dedicated a website to info on using coconut oil and the health benefits it can provide your pet! Keep up the great work.

    1. Post author

      Hi Melody, thank you for your feedback. What a great idea to dedicate a webpage to the use of coconut oil for dogs! I will definitely check it out! It’s amazing what coconut oil can do for the health of dogs and humans….

  22. Denise

    Wow, what a difference. I cut my dogs hair real close. to help. She is white and flea are attracted to that.
    Got no results from all Rx flea meds. We were desperate for relief. Struggled for, some seasons. So glad to let you know, this is a answer to prayer. Life is so much better. Knowledge is power. Thank you, thank you. Bossier City La.

  23. Mary

    My little Pomeranian Shelly has skin issues. I have changed her diet and eliminated all grains, sugars, and carbohydrates. Her condition improved but she still had flaky, itchy skin. I researched coconut oil and found the benefits for pets. After her bath today, I rubbed her with organic, cold pressed coconut oil. Imagine my surprise when a couple of sick fleas jumped off of Shelly! I came right to the internet and found this sight. To new readers here – coconut oil really does work! Now I’m going to make a coconut oil solution to spray on all the dogs and their chow. Thanks so much for the tips!

    1. Post author

      Dear Ariel, I never applied coconut oil to a cat, but I assume you can also apply it on the fur. Some of the readers here also recommend feeding coconut oil to dogs/cats, so maybe that would work for your cat too. Let me know how it worked out! : )

  24. Adi

    Coconut oil does work! We tried Biospot, Frontline, lemon-citrus scents and so on but my dog always had ticks on him and on us after cuddling him. It got as bad as having to remove min 5 upto 7-8 after each walk. We also know someone who got Lime disease from a tick so the dog vs tick issue made us really paranoid. My partner read abou the coconut oil and has been on trial in the past few days and no ticks so far- we live in a village next to a forest. So don’t hesitate, try it!:-) Best,Adi

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