Colorful Eco Friendly Outfit

Eco Friendly Outfit Of The Week

Eventhough winter is not nearly over yet, we can brighten any grey days with some colorful clothes. This way, spring seems just around the corner!


Colorful Eco Friendly Outfit

Colorful Eco Friendly Outfit


  • Jeans: organic cotton jeans, by Monkee Genes
  • Sweater: organic cotton, by Chinti and Parker
  • Blazer: organic cotton, by Chaser
  • Boots: vegan suede, seen on Charlotte Russe 
  • Tote bag: recycled cotton, by Paisley Magic (on Etsy)
  • Snack for the bag: vegan, organic, all-natural trail mix by Down to Earth
  • Necklace: made of recycled brass, seen on Jigsaw London
  • Lipstick “Believe”: vegan, cruelty-free, “Each bottle, made from widely recyclable glass, is screwed shut with a reincarnated version of LUSH’s signature black pots. The applicator wands are intentionally shorter than industry standards to reduce the amount of plastic. Even the hangtag is basically a slip of paper attached to a hair elastic.” by Lush





  • Zoe

    14.01.2013 at 06:49 Reply

    I just love the sweater and the bag! Vegan clothing is gonna be the next big challenge for me, so keep posting ;)
    xo Zoe

    • Greenderella

      14.01.2013 at 07:15 Reply

      Oh great! I’m sure you will find it easy to opt for vegan clothing – there are so many options. :-)

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