Some Eye Candy

When it comes to shopping, I can be very picky. While some women don’t leave a shoe store without a pair of new shoes, it can take ages until I find what I want BUT… when I find it, I really fall in love with it!  Hmmm… while writing this, I kind of wish that I was as picky with candy. For sure I would never leave an ice cream store without an icecream – one that was even hard to choose, because they all called my name…

Oh well… back to what I actually wanted to say. One of my two favorite jewlery companies, Snö of Sweden, just came out with a new collection that I adorrrre. And eventhough I tend to be picky, I wouldn’t know which piece to choose of these. Good thing that I don’t need new jewlery, looking at it will do. ;-) What’s your favorite?



  • Melster

    11.02.2011 at 23:41 Reply

    was für eine süße collection! also ich finde die ersten ohrringe und die letzte kette am besten :)

    • Franzi

      13.02.2011 at 15:03 Reply

      Jaaa, die mag ich auch voll! :-)

  • kim

    07.06.2011 at 09:31 Reply

    I also love this new collection from Sno of Sweden! My favorite piece is definitely those pink earrings! Actually, all these accessories look stunning!

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