Happy Easter And A Little Craft

Happy Easter everybody!!! I hope you are enjoying this day as much as I do…
Eventhough it’s not for religious believes I love celebrating easter, not only because it’s in spring (my favorite season) but also because it’s the most colorful holiday of all. This year we were really lucky with the weather and timing of easter. Since a week or so it has been over 20°C/68°F allready, blue skies and all the trees became green. Everywhere you see cherry and magnolia trees blossom, tulips and other most beautiful expressions of nature.

Nevertheless a holiday like easter also means a mass productions of special foods, like eggs. The flipside of this fun holiday thus will create a lot of suffering on the other end of the food chain. That is why we decided to not have eggs this easter, only some chocolate eggs ;-). Since it’s my birthday tomorrow, we delayed the easter gathering of the family for a day and will have a big breakfast tomorrow. Instead of using eggs I will make a (mostly) vegan buffet. Pictures to come!!

Just for fun, I made a little easter crafting, so we can wear something easter-like tomorrow – bunny ears! Am I not a little too old for that? Oh noooo…. that childish part in me will always looove this kind of stuff! ;-) That is why I will also hide some easter treats for everybody in the garden tomorrow. Those things just never get old (I hope!!) ;-)

So here is my little easter craft and the instructions:

You’ll need:

  • White poster board
  • Pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tacky glue or school glue
  • Tape or stapler


  • Cut a strip of poster board, a bit longer than the size of the head (when you staple the band later, you need some extra band).
  • Cut out 2 ears out of poster board.
  • Cut out 2 smaller ears out of pink construction paper.
  • Glue the pink ears inside the white ears.
  • Glue the ears inside the band, positioning to fit behind the head.
  • Tape or staple the band.


  • Nisa Homey

    25.04.2011 at 05:53 Reply

    Hi, thanks a bunch for stopping by and for that lovely thought….this looks perfect for my little son..hope you had a wonderful Easter…you have a wonderful space here…

    • Franzi

      27.04.2011 at 08:01 Reply

      Thank you so much Nisa! Yes it’s true, for childrin this is a great craft! :-) But also my adult guests loved to put them on ;-D

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