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My Internet Finds Of The Week #8

Heyyy my friends! It’s weekend again and once again I’m sharing my internet finds of the week. Enjoy the day and have a good start into the new week tomorrow!

1. Let’s start with something sweet, like this Raw Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake. One of my favorite taste combinations is chocolate orange, so I will for sure try to make this one.

2. What do you usually do with your last bits of soap? No need to throw it away! A friend of mine sent me this cool link from the Lush blog where they explain how to make cleaning soap with it. The explanations are in german, but the pictures speak for itself. Basically you just need to put your soap piece (or jelly) in a bottle, add water and shake very well. You can now use this liquid soap to clean. Awesome!

3. When I read the words “food forest” in the headline of this article, I was like: “Of course! How come we don’t have this in every city yet??” Read the article to learn what amazing idea is being realized in Seattle. A public edible garden. Wonderful!

4. I love storytelling, even more so when somebody is telling the story of an encounter with a wild animal:

5. And here is another great video. It’s showing a group of Dolphins that are being stranded. Luckily the beach is full of sunbathers, who don’t wait a second to run for the rescue!

6. One of my favorite news this week was that Ted Turner donated $ 1 million dollars to help save gorillas. Holy moly, that is a looot of money and this means a lot of help for these wonderful animals. I would like to give Ted a hug!

7. I couldn’t decide which picture is sweeter, so I’m posting both. They do have the same theme: “Excuse me, you have a head sticking out there”

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  • Green-Cat

    14.03.2012 at 09:26 Reply

    Oh my, those puppies just made my day!!! Thanks for all the links, especially the one about the soap. I just realized that I have about 5 small pieces of soap lying around, which I would have thrown away.

    • Greenderella

      14.03.2012 at 09:56 Reply

      The puppies are cute, aren’t they? I can’t get enough of those pics either. I’m glad the post was helpful for you! : )

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