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Each year some 500 billion plastic bags are used in the world. Just a small amount of them is actually being recycled, the rest goes to trash. Considering the short lifetime of plastic bags, from the store back home to the trash, their practical aspect cannot outweight the negative effects they have on the environment. After being trashed, the plastic bags end up on landfills or the ocean where they become deadly threats for animals that confuse the plastic for food or get tangled up in it. Millions of animals die this way each year. Burning plastic bags is not a better solution, since it releases harmful toxics. The only good solution to this problem is, to switch to another, more sustainable, option.

I just discovered these great bags from, made of sustainable materials like organic cotton. They even have bags for buying fruit or bread, which I‘ve been looking for since a while. These bags are not only practical but they also look nice!

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