“Cafe Koppel” – One Of My New Hamburg Favorites

The other day my mom and I spent an afternoon in town. Once we were hungry and tired from walking around, we seareched for a cafe. There was a lot to choose from, but one of the cafes caught our attention most. We only saw a little notice board saying “Vegetarian Cafe” with an arrow that pointed to a little courtyard. Happy, that we found the sign, we followed the arrow and found this cute little cafe, that seemed like the perfect place to rest from the hectic and busy street. They have a lot of old, cozy couches, play calming jazz and classical music, the waiters are friendly and they serve breakfast all day long (big plus!). My mom ordered English Breakfast including bran toast, an organic egg and baked beans and I had a pancake filled with cranberry marmelade and quark. It was soooo good, I tell you! And also my moroccan tea was a nice highlight.

Cafe Koppel is definatelly one of my new favorites.

Cafe Koppel from outside

On the lunch menu today

The cafe has two levels

I love pancakes!

Vegetarian english breakfast... yummm!!


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