Persian Cookies in Hamburg

I wanted to share a little cookie location tip with you today (from cookie monster to cookie monster ;-)). Last year I walked by this little store and almost didn’t notice it, but when I did, I was positively suprised. Besides tea and other persian food, they sell a quite big selection of persian cookies. They are tasty, look very pretty and even my wallet was happy when I left the store. Since the new discovery I always drop by when I’m in the area. Everybody at home loves these. Mmmmm… cookiiies!

Persian Cookies

Which one to choose?

The store from outside

Looking pretty on our kitchen table

Here the adress: Lange Reihe 23, 20099 Hamburg


  • Jeanne

    28.01.2011 at 20:23 Reply

    OMG I wish I lived in Hamburg so I could go to this lovely shop everyday! I found your blog through Cafe Cartolina….two good things for the day!(New Cartograms and a new yummy blog!)

    • Franzi

      28.01.2011 at 20:37 Reply

      Hey Jeanne! Thank you for your nice comment! I just started with my blog and am very happy each time someone finds it (and likes it ;-)) Have a lovely day!

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