Organic joghurt

Breakfast Yogurt

The other day I went to the farmers market. One of my favorite market stands is the one from “Gut Wulfsdorf”, an organic farmer from the area. They have a great selection of vegetables and also sell a small collection of milk products. On that day I took home an organic yogurt, which I had for breakfast today. I added banana, plums, oatmeal, mixed seeds, wheatgerm and drizzled a bit of agave syrup on top. Delicious! It’s also the first time that I tried wheatgerm in my müsli. It’s full of vitamins and minerals and has more protein than most meat products – a great addition to the vegetarian/vegan diet.

What did you have for breakfast?

Organic joghurt from Gut Wulfsdorf

Organic yogurt from Gut Wulfsdorf

Joghurt for breakfast

My breakfast yogurt with fruits, seeds and agave syrup

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